Sticks and Stones alphabet photography
"If you want a totally original keepsake, this is it." - OPRAH

Personalized Photo Gifts

Let the fun begin! It's simple to create your alphabet photography keepsake. In the space below, type the name or word you would like to see on your Sticks and Stones, then press the "Create" button.

The first time Oprah saw Sticks and Stones, she was enamored by the creativity of our personalized name art photography. While holding her name photography, she said, "You're right. This is perfect for the person who has everything because no one has anything like this!" Oprah is indeed the person we think of when we think of someone who 'has it all'. So what did Oprah do after seeing her personalized name art for the first time? She immediately commissioned Brad and Jera Deal, the creators of the personalized name art concept, to create personalized picture gifts for herself, her friends, and her family. Do you want to have a conversation piece of art in your home? Do you want to give THE gift that is never forgotten and talked about for years to come? If you haven't had a chance to create your own personalized name art, here is your chance! Sticks and Stones name art photography took the nation by storm a few years ago with the help of Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Rachael Ray, and personalized picture gifts are now the most desired gift to give the person who has everything! Others are attempting to duplicate the look that Sticks and Stones created. However, Sticks and Stones is the only personalized name art endorsed by Oprah, Martha, Rachael, People, Better Homes and Gardens, and many, many more national publications. Sticks and Stones name photography even hangs in The White House! The best part about our name art photography is YOU get to be the designer and create a personalized photo gift by creating a name in beautiful black and white or sepia photography. Every personalized photo gift is created by YOU and handcrafted by our fine artisans.

When giving personalized gifts made from Sticks and Stones name photography, there may be a minute or two before the recipient understands that what they're seeing isn't simply pictures of beautiful things...they're seeing a special name or word meaningful to them! Once they figure this out, it's like giving your personalized name art all over again. Our personalized name art is the gift that gives twice! Sticks and Stones name photography is a wonderful conversation piece, and we've heard from countless happy customers that "this was my favorite gift I've ever received!" When we get this kind of feedback about our personalized name art, we're as overjoyed as you are.

Start creating your own Sticks and Stones personalized photo gift now, and let your gift be the one that's never forgotten!

Sticks and Stones custom keepsakes featuring alphabet photography name art is the perfect personalized gift for all occasions including: birthday gifts, engagement gifts, wedding gifts, new baby gifts, graduation gifts, housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts, and holiday gifts.
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